Who I am

So I'm a magician.

Big deal.

It all started when I was 12 years old. I was at a friend’s party and a sharply dressed guy came over to our group.

He smiled and made a coin appear. From nowhere.

Then he made it disappear. Into nowhere.


…and that was just the start.

I will never, ever (EVER!) forget the emotions I experienced that day. Feelings I had never felt before.

Shock, amazement, silence. Excitement.

a HUGE smile.

I could see it on my friends’ faces. They experienced it too. That feeling when something impossible happens, right in front of your eyes.

That night I decided this was my calling. To learn how to make others feel this good.

10,000 hours and over 25 years later, I’m now sharing magic with FTSE 100 companies, at private parties, weddings and family events.

And after all these years, it doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with, I still get that same buzz.

When your face lights up in astonishment, just like mine did in December 1992.

To taste the miraculous is the greatest sensation in the world.

Nothing beats that ‘no way’ feeling.

So maybe it’s a bigger deal after all…?

I truly hope you enjoy pottering around my website

And I look forward to making you and your guests feel like a kid again.