What I Do

Close-up Magic

Perfect for weddings, parties and networking events. This is when you and your guests get to see miracles right in front of your eyes. It’s a wonderful chance to get people warmed up, chatting, laughing and remembering your event.

I’ll stroll among guests (whether they are at tables or standing) and perform a mini magic show. Experience the strangest things happen to everyday objects…it could be yours!
Choose Close-up magic when you want to make your drinks reception, sit down meal, mix and mingle event or party more sparkly.

“Charmed and beguiled guests in Melbourne with some stunning close-up magic. Worth seeing – if only to try and work out how he does it!”

Abi Gold, Australia

“Ben did a number of different tricks for us over the course of the evening – including bending coins, the worlds fastest card trick and making coins jump into your own hand whilst it’s closed!!”

Josh Barth


This is a cabaret-style show, great for a crowd. A 30-40 minute magic extravaganza, it’s a chance to make the bride, the bar mitzvah, the birthday boy or the boss a star of the show!

Best for audiences of up to a hundred, I’ll be performing the impossible with ropes, coins, cards, and… you.

Consider parlour magic when you want an after dinner show with a difference or an unforgettable party.

“I could see how much everyone enjoyed the tricks and I always wrack my brains as to how you do them. You give so much pleasure and add that little extra to our events.”

Jacqueline Crossley


If you want your guests to experience something off the beaten track, consider my Mind Power show.

As a Psychologist, my job is to understand how people think. But don’t worry, it’s all about making memories and having fun.

Your guests will witness something more than magic, something they won’t forget for a while!

I’ll be predicting your decisions and performing seemingly impossible feats of memory and dexterity. Ever seen someone solve a Rubik cube blindfolded?

And that’s just the start.

The Mind Power show lasts up to 40 minutes, entertains crowds of up to a hundred and fifty and is ideal for those who prefer less conventional events.

(Please note that Mind Power is also available in Close-up format)

“Ben guarantees a fun time that will leave you puzzling over his mysteries for many days after the show is over!”

David Stern